Earn your Master of
Science in Clinical Nutrition
– Online!

Prepare to make a difference in the lives of others.

A Clinical Nutrition Degree
from Sonoran University

Accelerated, Fully
Online Program

Designed for working professionals, the MSCN can be completed in 21-months.

Practical Courses for
Career Advancement

From nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition to botanicals and more, gain advanced knowledge in nutrition and natural health.

This program meets the Board for Certified Nutrition Specialists’ requirements and is designed to help you prepare to sit for the Certified Nutrition Specialist. Find out from one of our graduates about how we prepare you to become CNS® certified.

Program Benefits

Real-world Applications and Interventions

The M.S. in Clinical Nutrition program provides a strong foundation of physiology, nutrition across the lifecycle, emerging topics in nutrition, and a deep understanding of how nutrition impacts health.

Virtual Health Center Experience

The Clinical Nutrition curriculum includes a Virtual Health Center Experience designed to simulate the interaction between a nutritionist and their client and allows you to practice applying new skills and knowledge safely in a virtual training environment.

Gain an advantage in a growing job market

Whether you want to open your own clinical nutrition practice or join an established clinic, nutrition jobs are expected to grow faster than average over the next decade.1. Increasingly, an advanced degree is a must-have for nutrition professionals as they seek employment and advancement.2.

Certification to help set yourself apart

The MSCN program provides you with opportunities to earn special industry-specific training and a Certificate in the Principles of Nutritional Genomics from the American Nutrition Association while you earn your degree.

Prepare for the Certified Nutrition Specialist Exam

Certified Nutrition Specialists® (CNS) are advanced nutrition professionals. They engage in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, research, education, and more, in a variety of settings. They have fulfilled the most rigorous advanced-degree, education, experience, examination, and continuing education requirements. The Certified Nutrition Specialist® certification is held by clinical nutritionists, physicians, and other advanced-degree healthcare professionals with a specialty in nutrition.

Sonoran University’s MS in Clinical Nutrition program has been designed to fulfill the current academic requirements for the CNS®. BCNS requires a graduate degree in the field of nutrition from a regionally accredited university, specific coursework, and 1,000 hours of supervised experience (SPE). In addition to meeting the academic/coursework requirements, upon completion of the program, you will have a significant head start on your path to fulfilling the 1000-hour requirement and meeting the CNS® requirements. You will have completed a total of 349 hours of SPE as part of your MSCN degree – including 99 direct hours and all 250 observational hours. As an MSCN graduate from Sonoran, you will also automatically meet application requirements and qualify for a discounted rate for our Supervised Practice Experience program if you decide to continue your journey to obtaining your CNS®  with us.

Please note: BCNS reviews each candidate individually, including current course descriptions, transcripts, and experience to determine eligibility. To learn more about becoming a CNS®, visit the American Nutrition Association website.

“I feel like Sonoran University of Health Sciences truly prepares you for the world of Clinical Nutrition. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” - Sammeisha C.