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Master’s in Nutrition

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Online Nutrition Degrees
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M.S. in Clinical Nutrition

Gain the professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to develop effective evidence-based nutrition-related services to support individual and public health.1

Executive M.S. in Nutrition Business Leadership

Adopt evidence-based perspectives and study nutritional sciences, supply/value chain, and purpose driven leadership—all specific to the multi-billion-dollar natural products industry.2

Which Master's in Nutrition is Right for You?

Nutrition is at the center of human health. Science has shown us that nutrition is the strongest determinant of our health. The world, your community, your business, your family, and the natural products industry needs food-science-driven nutritionists and professionals who have a deep, evidence-based, and practical understanding of nutrition.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the industry from utilizing nutritionists for single-instance consultations in standalone facilities to the pronounced integration of nutrition within the continual management of chronic disease. With this shift to an integrated healthcare delivery system, we’ve seen a growing need for evidence-based nutritionists and a need for scientific knowledge of nutrition paired with business knowledge. The unification of science with business know-how is key to serving the natural foods, dietary supplement, and nutraceutical industry.

The Future of Education at Sonoran University

Our primary purpose is to help shape the healthcare leaders of the future. By meeting students where they are, we are able to enrich the learning experience.

Courses at Sonoran University’s College of Nutrition are meticulously crafted, integrating cutting-edge practices in online learning and the latest advancements in learning science. Hear about how Sonoran University is poised and ready to continue delivering education to students – wherever they may be.

Why Earn Your Nutrition Master's Degree at Sonoran University?

Sonoran University of Health Sciences focuses on the fundamental importance food and nutrition play in integrated healthcare, natural products, and nutraceuticals. Gain practical expertise through innovative online coursework that addresses current needs, including the latest research illuminating the vital connections between what we consume and how we live our best life. The program prepares our graduates for prospective careers in clinical environments, non-profits, academia, business, industry, and manufacturing.1

Our Master in Nutrition faculty are industry experts. In addition, our community clinics, natural products medicinary, clinical focus on regenerative medicine, and new on-site botanical lab are at the forefront of evidence-based research. Driving student success for our on-campus naturopathic doctoral, students have provided the platform for these innovative degrees.