Welcome to Sonoran University of Health Sciences

Welcome from Dr. Gena E. Kadar, Dean of the College of Nutrition & School of Mental Health

Welcome to our Sonoran University of Health Sciences community! We are so excited about what you bring to Sonoran, what you will accomplish here, and the positive impact you will make in the healthcare field. We can’t wait to see you in class!

Your Success Starts Here

“If genuine support, both academically and personally, is of high importance to you when choosing a graduate program and university, I truly believe you will find no better than Sonoran University of Health Sciences.”

- Jenna M. 

“I feel like Sonoran University of Health Sciences truly prepares you for the world of Clinical Nutrition. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.”

- Sammeisha C.

“The professors are very knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely care about the students’ well-being. Honestly, this online experience has been so great; it almost feels like I am on site but with more access to library resources, networks within my class, and my professor and TA.”

- Oluwatosin O.

“The virtual clinic experience was the most valuable for me as I got to witness consultations from the nutritionist perspective as well as the clinical supervisor. I learned so much in these classes.”

- Andrea S.

“I chose Sonoran University of Health Sciences because I needed a fully online program that would prepare me to earn the CNS credential so I can be licensed to practice in my state.”

- Julie B.


Financial Aid

Let our helpful financial aid experts answer all your questions and guide you in options for funding your grad school education.

Career Services

Sonoran University’s Career Services Center supports your professional development and career journey by providing resources and assistance in identifying priorities and accomplishing career goals.

9 Tips for Starting Grad School

Tip #1: Write Down Your Goals
To facilitate continued success, consider the impactful practice of setting clear goals. While it might seem like a common suggestion, the habit of goal setting will not only benefit your studies but will also prove invaluable in pursuing all your future endeavors.